Cyril Grima, Ph.D.

Planetary Cryospheres

Understanding the icy environments of the Earth and planetary bodies

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Research Interests


Planetary bodies are isolated systems with their own evolution history from which emerges an outstanding diversity of landscapes. However, there is a commonality in the fundamental mechanisms and forces shaping them. My work aims to better understand planetary environments with this underlying assumption that planetary analogy augments the science.

My speciality is to investigate planetary bodies with radar sounders, a remote sensing technology providing vertical data up to planetary ionospheres and through the surface down to deep undergound. Radar sounders are optimal in icy environments, hence polarizing my research to planetary cryospheres such as Mars, Titan, Europa, and the Earth polar regions.


Development of theoritical tools for radar inversion of geophysical data


Data Interpretation from space missions and terrestrial investigations


Definition of future space missions

Institute for Geophysics

J.J. Pickle Research Campus
Building 196
10100 Burnet Road (R2200)
Austin, TX 78758-4445